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What is PPC Advertising?

If you want to draw attention of relevant traffic towards your website then you need to promote your business online. Online paid advertising or marketing plays an important role in enhancing sales and exposure of the businesses or services. One needs to use any marketing tool that can produce the desired results, and one such popular tool is PPC Advertising (Pay per Click Advertising).

What is PPC Advertising?

Pay per click as the name suggests, the advertiser pays certain price to the publisher whenever the advertisement is being clicked. It’s the one of technique that helps to promote your business online. The advertisement is posted on several content based websites to appear on the top of the search engine results, such as Google. These types of advertisements are known as sponsored ads or sponsored links.

How PPC Advertising Works?

If you are intent on making maximum profit through online pay per click utility, then you will definitely need to have PPC advertising information.

In this process, the website is advertised on search engine result page (Google) and advertiser pays the publisher certain price whenever the advertisement is clicked. Moreover, the publisher makes use of certain keyword in advertisement. Whenever any user types a keyword in the search engine, the advertisements appear if the typed keyword matches with the keyword of the advertisement.

Whenever the advertisement is published with relevant keywords, PPC advertisement directs number of relevant visitors to a website. The method proves to be advantageous for both the parties; the advertiser is getting desired traffic whereas the publisher is getting money with every click. Further, it not only directs traffic for the website rather it attracts relevant traffic that can enhance business sales and growth.

How Many Types of PPC Advertising?

Generally, there are 8 types of PPC advertising, such as:

  • Search Ads – It’s one of the most common type, which you’ll see in search results of Google.

  • Display Ads – Instead of text-based ads, these advertisement typically include a text and photo and posted on different Google partner websites.

  • Social Ads – It’s another most popular type of online paid advertising, as these ads appear on popular social media feeds, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and else.

  • Remarketing Ads – It’s usually used to reengage your current customers.

  • Google Shopping Ads – These kind of ads usually appear above the search engine in a carousel format, allowing user to see product and prices instantly.

  • Local Service Ads – This help you target your business, services, or products to reach in particular geographical location.

  • Gmail Ads – In this type, you can push sponsored mail to customer inbox.

  • Instream Ads – It appears in videos on YouTube.

How PPC Advertising Help Businesses?

The primary objective behind PPC advertising is to drive targeted traffic to a website. If you’re running any online website, business, or services, it’s advisable for you to promote it online via using any type of PPC ads to enhance your sales. You can make use of advertisements and get them posted to attract relevant visitors.

In this process, the desired customer or traffic is directed to your business or service website, allowing you to extend your customer reach and achieve optimum online paid advertising goals easily. It helps you build or excel your relationship with the right audience, so they become a loyal customer to you. It’s one of the best and quick method to pop-out your business among millions of competing websites, making your business a huge success.

Some who able to manage this strategy finds it as the most accurate and fast method in the process of increasing the production. Others see it as the time and money wastage that are not aware of it. So it is good to be in right direction and to be updated with latest upcoming information on utility like Pay per Click.


PPC ads can act as a powerful tool for promoting business on internet. Sometimes, digital marketing agencies are hired for the purpose to achieve best possible outcome. There are many digital marketing agencies that have earned a great reputation for their outstanding work in the field of Pay Per Click, such as 360X Digital. They make sure that each dollar spent on Pay per Click for individual projects must be accounted for and utilized effectively to its last shilling. From analyzing your business to designing a campaign, 360X Digital saves your hard-earned money and brings the maximum possible benefit to you. Make sure to contact us in case you need any help running your PPC ads.


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