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Get a FREE Instagram & TikTok Link in Bio Template!
Alternative to Linktree, Shorby and Milkshake.

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What is this template for?

Link in bio template is useful to combine all your links in one landing page, you can consider it to be your own mini website. This landing page template is useful when using it for your social media bio link in Instagram and TikTok as those platforms only support one bio link.

This template can be edited using Canva which is a free and easy solution. This link in bio is an alternative to Linktree, Shorby or Milkshake. Why pay for those kind of solutions when there is a FREE alternative, right?!

Look professional and expert in your industry with the help of this nice design.

What are the features?

  • No need to buy a Linktree, Shorby, or Milkshake subscription.

  • No need to buy website hosting.

  • You can update all the elements like the text, pictures, and icons to add yours.

  • Easy to customize the template using a FREE account on Canva. It is an easy drag-and-drop online design tool, and you don't need graphic design skills to make the updates.

  • The landing page link will be hosted for FREE on Canva.

  • Instructions on how to customize and use the template will be included in the file after the download.

What is included and what isn't?

  • You get a PDF file that has the Canva template link and another link which is a quick video instructions on how to customize the template.

  • Stock photos are not included, but Canva has 10,000s of beautiful photos for you to choose from or you can simply upload and use yours.

How it works?

  1. Fill your contact details in the form and submit. (Don't worry, we hate spam too)

  2. You will receive an email to download a pdf file.

  3. The pdf file has two links; one for the template and one of a quick video tutorial on how to update the template.

  4. Watch the short video to know how to customize the template.

  5. Sign up for a Canva account for FREE.

  6. Customize the template (add your text, pictures, and links)

  7. Publish the template as a website for free.

  8. Shorten the link with

  9. Update your Instagram and TikTok bio links.

Get Your FREE Instagram & TikTok Link-in-Bio Template Now!
Stop paying for Linktree, Shorby and Milkshake subscriptions.

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